JACOS and its contractors must provide safe workplaces in order to protect the health and safety of their workers and the public; to protect their facilities, product and equipment; and to protect the environment. Benefits of a comprehensive contractor safety program include the following:

  • Less worker injuries and improved moral.

  • Improved quality and productivity occur because a comprehensive contractor safety program requires that workers be properly trained for their job tasks and be familiar with their job requirements.

  • Fewer incidents result in more controlled project costs.

  • Reduced potential for damage to the Company’s infrastructure, reputation, and contractor equipment.

General Contractors and Management Steps

Step 1 - Define the scope of work

A Scope of Work is required to provide a clear understanding of the work to be performed and provides a basis to select and qualify the most appropriate contractor.

A Scope of Work should include whenever possible:

  • Overview (description, size, location, phases, contact and payment information, selection process, standards and regulations)

  • Deliverables (objectives, timelines, milestones, designs, labor, material)

  • Considerations (monitoring, evaluation, specific and related tasks, critical tasks, hazards/controls and associated risk levels)

Step 2 - Communicate and establish contractor HSE expectations

Identify the qualifications and capabilities that contractor needs to bring to the job early on is very important and might help contractors decide if they are able to support our requests.

Key Steps

  • Define roles and responsibilities

  • Identify general expectations

  • Identify the risk exposure

  • Develop a list of key health, safety and environment risks

  • Identify key training and certification requirements

  • Define and communicate performance measures

Define the expected process for reporting/communicating information.

Step 3 - Contractor Pre-Qualification

Supply Chain Management (SCM) manually works with the company and the appropriate JACOS stakeholders to complete and assess the Supplier Qualification Form.

SCM checks whether contractos have the proper prequalification documentaion and performance before being involved in a bid process or being awarded a new scope of work. SCM will also obtain ongoing certifications to ensure the contractor stays in good standings.

Step 4 - Selection and develop appropriate agreement

Contract Formation and Administration

No work shall be committed to, directed or initiated without an approved purchase order or contract.

A contract must clearly describe the goods or services to be supplied and define all performance requirements and obligations of both JACOS and the contractor. These obligations and performance requirements must be clearly communicated to relevant stakeholders prior to the commencement of work, and throughout the life-cycle of the contract.

This is where the assignment of Prime Contractor Status may occur. If appropriate (based upon location of the worksite and the contractors' ability to manage the hazards and associated responsibilities of being the prime contractor) JACOS will designate a contractor as the prime contractor. All legal documentation of the designation, acceptance, ongoing monitoring and return of prime contractor status must be generated and retained for 5 years.

All changes to scope of supply and/or JACOS and contractor obligations will be incorporated in the contract or purchase order.

Work Commencement

Pre-Job Mobilization Meeting

After the contract has been signed, but before contractor mobilization, SCM and the JACOS Representative will ensure if appropriate that a pre-job mobilization meeting is conducted. For high risk scopes of work a Hazard Assessment and Control Plan must be submitted before the pre-job mobilization and/or kick off meeting to allow members time to review.

Kick Off Meeting

  • Following selection and mobilization of a contractor for a specific activity but before the start of any high risk scopes of work it is required that a kick-off meeting be conducted to confirm all the requirements previously agreed to in the pre-bid and/or pre-mobilization meeting are in place. Confirmation of JACOS and contractor key contact personnel and methods of contact must also be determined during this meeting. The contractor will identify any sub-contractors they plan to use.

  • The Kick Off Meeting Check Sheet must be completed and signed as part of the Contractor Management Process. The contractor cannot start work until the form is signed by appropriate personnel (as per check sheet). SCM will keep this check sheet in the Contractor's file for future reference.

Step 5 - Contractor management and performance tracking

Steps shall be taken to monitor that the contractor is implementing sound safety practices as required by their own safety program and JACOS guidelines, and in compliance with applicable legislation and minimum industry-recommended practices. To ensure that the responsibility for health and safety at the worksite is fulfilled and as a means of monitoring contractor safety performance, the JACOS Site Representative and JACOS HSE shall:

  • Ensure all contractor complete site specific orientation prior to commencing work.

  • Require regular and appropriate hazard assessments as per the contractor's health and safety management system.

  • Ensure that the contractor is discussing critical or repetitive hazards with their employees during their toolbox talks and/or safety meetings.

  • Ensure contractors are regularly inspecting their work areas.

  • Require contractor involvement at worksite safety meetings, inspections and cooperation with all safety requirements.

  • Instruct contractors on site to report and investigate all incidents and hazards.

  • Ensure all investigation findings and reports are forwarded to JACOS Site Representative and the JACOS HSE Team for review.

  • Require that all incidents be discussed by the contractor's employees during a safety meeting.

  • Ensure all worksite emergency safety equipment is easily identifiable to all site personnel (i.e. fire suppression equipment, first aid room, stretchers, etc.), and is in good operating condition.

Follow up on any deficiencies noted, or recommendations made. Upon the completion of a contract, safety considerations should be taken into account in the evaluation of the contractor's overall performance. All of this information will be forwarded to SCM for retention.


  • Reports of all incidents which occur during the course of work being performed for JACOS, shall be immediately communicated to the JACOS Site Representative.

  • The contractor and any subcontractor(s) or agent(s) shall inform a Company representative of any notices, warnings or orders issued by any government agencies relative to the contracted work. In addition, the contractor shall immediately report governmental inspections, and the results of the inspections, to the JACOS representative. Where advance notice is given of an inspection, the contractor shall report it to the Site Representative.

Step 6 - performance evaluation contract close-out

Contracts shall be closed in a timely manner upon confirmation that all obligations have been completed.

As part of contract close-out, contractor performance shall be assessed and documented following completion of the contracted work. The following data may be used:

  • Injury and illness performance (Total Injury Frequency - TIF, Total Recordable Injury - TRIF Lost Time Injury Frequency – LIF and total number of Illnesses)

  • HSE incidents (Health and Safety, Environmental and Economic)

  • Observations and Inspection findings

  • Corrective actions completion

  • Overall commitment to JACOS HSE expectations

  • Quality of the contractor's safety program

  • Effectiveness of supervision

Site Access

All site access types require personnel to swipe their JACOS Badge at the electronic card reader upon entering and exiting the site. Badges are activated by JACOS Security once the site requirements are met and/or JACOS approval is obtained. Badges are deactivated upon notification of work ending, deactivation requested by a JACOS Representative, or if there is a period of inactivity of 90 days.

For all Visitor, Short Service Worker, and/or Contractor Access, a Site Access Request Form is required be filled out, signed by the appropriate JACOS Representative, and submitted to Orientations@jacos.com. All pre-access site training/documentation must be submitted with the request.

For personnel requesting Road Only Access and Bulk Delivery/Chemical Driver Access, please contact your JACOS Representative to have them notify Security.

Personnel will be required to show identification when receiving JACOS Site Access.

Non-compliance to card swiping may result in the creation of an incident report that will result in corrective actions. If you do not have your JACOS Badge, please stop in at security, positively identify yourself, and obtain a temporary badge.

Road access (couriers, shuttles, and road access only)

  • Notification to the JACOS representative

  • Acknowledgement of JACOS Site Rules

Bulk Delivery / Chemical Drivers

  • Notification to the JACOS Representative

  • Acknowledgement of JACOS Site Rules


  • Approved Site Access Request Form

  • Site Safety Orientation (Visitor)

  • Acknowledgement of JACOS Site Rules

  • No hands on work permitted, no site/training requirements

Short Service Worker

  • Approved Site Access Request Form

  • Acknowledgement of JACOS Site Rules

  • Site Safety Orientation (SSW)

  • Verification of the following training:

    • H2S Awareness (or Alive depending on their work scope)


  • Approved Site Access Request Form

  • Site Safety Orientation (Contractor)

  • Negative 7 panel A&D Test - If a worker has not had a recent A&D test, a letter stating that the companies A&D policy/standard follows the Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Work Place (Version 6.0), and that the worker has received a pre-employment test and has been in continuous employment of the company would be sufficient.

  • Verification of the following training:

    • Common Safety Orientation (Previously PST 2.0, or CSTS and eGSO)

    • H2S Awareness (or Alive depending on their work scope)

JACOS Site Specific Online Training

In an effort to help support personnel arrive to site ready to work, the following JACOS Site Specific Training has been made available online. To access this content please follow the below:

* Go to www.onlinelogin.ca

* Enter a specific course code in the Enter Code field, then click Submit.

* If you have an account, enter you username and password and login. If you do not have an account, create an account.

* For any assistance with online training please contact Rebecca Rankin at rebecca.rankin@jacos.com

JACOS Course Codes
208074815 JACOS Site Safety Training Orientation (Contractor)
209067497 JACOS LOTO Training
201613141 Safe Work Permit - Awareness Training
203139144 Safe Work Permit - Issuer / Receiver Training