Our Mission

To produce a long-term and stable hydrocarbon supply to worldwide markets as a leading in-situ oil sands producer.

This effort will be accomplished by:

  • Performing all operations in a cost-effective manner;

  • Attracting and retaining highly skilled and motivated individuals and being committed to their ongoing growth and development;

  • Applying appropriate technologies

  • Making sure that everyone understands the key business drivers;

  • Encouraging new ideas and fostering positive thoughts;

  • Demonstrating effective communication;

  • Building and enhancing relationships with JAPEX and other stakeholders to improve decision making, technical awareness, understanding and involvement.

Our Core Values

  • Always putting safety first;

  • Treating each other with respect and trust;

  • Demonstrating integrity;

  • Acting as a responsible citizen;

  • Promoting transparency at all levels within the organization;

  • Supporting our local communities;

  • Conducting our operations in an environmentally sustainable manner.