HSE Policies, Standards, Procedures, and Rules


Alcohol and Drug Policy

Corporate Driving Policy

HSE Policy


HS00-STD-0002 Respiratory Protection Standard

HS00-STD-0003 Standard for Gas Detection or Hazardous Atmospheres

HS00-STD-0005 Fall Protection Standard

HS00-STD-0005 Ground Disturbance Standard

HS00-STD-0006 Site Emergency Physical Response Team Standard

HS00-STD-0007 Hearing Conservation Standard

HS00-STD-0008 Internal HSE Communciation Standard

HS00-STD-0009 Employee Learning and Competency Standard

HS00-STD-0010 Personal Portective Equipment (PPE) Standard

HS00-STD-0011 Incident Classification Standard

HS00-STD-0012 Emergency Management Standard

HS00-STD-0013 Emergency Management Roles and Responsibilities Standard

HS00-STD-0014 Government Roles and Responsibilities Standard

HS00-STD-0015 Emergency Facilities Standard

HS00-STD-0016 Erection, Identification and Removal of Flagging

HS00-STD-0017 Safe Work Permit Standard

HS00-STD-0018 Working Alone Standard

HS00-STD-0019 Safety Responsibilities Standard

HS00-STD-0020 Lightning Standard

HS00-STD-0021 Benzene Management Standard

HS00-STD-0022 Chemical Product Management Standard

HS00-STD-0023 Bicycle and Tricycle Operation Standard

HS00-STD-0024 Safety Program for Commercial Transportation

HS00-STD-0024 Maintence Program for Commercial Transportation

HS00-STD-0025 Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee Standard

HS00-STD-0026 HSE Rewards and Recognition Standard

HS00-STD-0027 Confined Space Entry Standard


HS00-PRC-0001 Incident Management Procedure

HS00-PRC-0002 Internal Notification Procedure

HS00-PRC-0003 External Notification Procedure

HS00-PRC-0004 Corrective and Preventative Actioons Procedure

HS00-PRC-0005 Searching Vehicles and People Entering Site Using Canine Detection Procedure

HS00-PRC-0006 Searching Camp Accomodations Using Canine Detection

HS00-PRC-0007 Field Level Hazard Assessment Procedure

HS00-PRC-0008 Emergency Classification Procedure

HS00-PRC-0009 Incident Command System Procedure

HS00-PRC-0010 Public Protection Measures Procedure

HS00-PRC-0011 Workplace Observation Procedure

HS00-PRC-0012 Crisis Communications Procedure

HS00-PRC-0013 Mouse and Hantavirus Precautions Procedure


HS00-RUL-001 Life Saving Rules

HS00-RUL-0002 Environmental Health and Safety Rules

HS00-RUL-0003 Health and Safety Office Rules